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Morgan Evers is a community leader, teacher, mother, and wife who has lived in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx with her family for 12 years. Morgan brings over a year of experience as one of the New York State Democratic Committee Members representing the 81st Assembly District. As a founding executive committee member of the Unity Democratic Club and a former executive board member of the Benjamin Franklin Democratic Club, Morgan has a proven commitment to fostering community involvement in the democratic process. She served for 3 years as an executive board member of the PS24 Parent Teacher Association, serving one year as President. She is also an active member of Women of Reform Judaism at the Riverdale Temple.


Morgan's 16 years of experience as an elementary school teacher have instilled in her a deep passion for educating children, creating a sense of belonging in a community and resolving problems collaboratively. This mindset has carried over into her work as a community leader, where she is known for her willingness to listen to the stories and needs of her neighbors and help lead them towards solutions. She also actively seeks opportunities to advocate for her fellow community members and raise awareness about services that may be available to offer assistance.


In the spring of 2024, Morgan is running for re-election to the New York State Democratic Committee. As one of the Democratic State Committee Members for the 81st assembly district, she has advocated for action from the NYS legislature on important issues that include public school funding, climate justice, tenants' rights, a public school curriculum that is inclusive for all students and literacy as a civil right. She is also passionately working to elect Democrats all over NYS to flip the US Congress to a Democratic majority in 2025.

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